Ashab e Kahf    اصحاب کہف

Urdu Movie

The story parallels the Christian version, recounting the tale of a group of young believers who resisted the pressure from their people to worship others beside God, and took refuge in a cave, following which they fell asleep for a long time. When they woke up they thought that they had slept for only a day or so, and they sent one of them back to the city to buy food. His use of old silver coins revealed the presence of these youths to the town. Soon after their discovery, the People of the Cave (as the Qur'an calls them) died and the people of their town built a place of worship at the site of their burial (the cave).

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Ashab e Kahf       اصحاب کہف

Urdu (Movie) اردو

Part 1



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Zahid Javed Rana, Abid Javed Rana

Lahore, Pakistan


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