Ashab Kahf

Urdu (Movie)

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Ashab e Kahf

Urdu  (Movie)

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The Film consists of 13 Parts

Each Part is Approximately 65 Minutes Duration

Part #


Size Duration



Ashab e Kahf  

124 MB 65 Minutes

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Ashab e Kahf Part 2

110 MB 63 Minutes

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Ashab e Kahf Part 3

126 MB 65 Minutes

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Ashab e Kahf Part 4


Play Video


Ashab e Kahf Part 5


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Ashab e Kahf Part 6


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Ashab e Kahf Part 7


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Ashab e Kahf Part 8


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Ashab e Kahf Part 9


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Sheikh Muslih-uddin Sa’di Shirazi (1258)

Translated by Sir Edwin Arnold

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