Cartoons Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse is a character-based series of animated short films. The films, which introduced Disney's most famous cartoon character, were released on a regular basis from 1928 to 1953 with three additional installments in 1983, 1990, and 1995. The series is notable for its innovation with sound synchronization and character animation, and also introduced several well-known supporting characters such as Minnie Mouse, Pluto, and Goofy. The cartoons were directed by 19 different people. Those with the most credits include Burt Gillett, Wilfred Jackson, Walt Disney, David Hand, and Ben Sharpsteen. Notable animators who worked on the series include Ub Iwerks, Norm Ferguson, Ollie Johnston, Frank Thomas, and Fred Moore. Mickey's voice is mostly provided by Walt Disney, with some additional work by Carl Stalling and Clarence Nash.


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Cartoons Mickey Mouse

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