Concept Of God In Major World Religions

English Audio by Dr Zakir Naik

Zakir Abdul Karim Naik is a public speaker and writer on the subject of Islam and comparative religion. Naik says that his goal is to "concentrate on the educated Muslim youth who have become apologetic about their own religion and have started to feel the religion is outdated", He considers it a duty of every Muslim to remove perceived misconceptions about Islam and to counter what he views as the Western media's anti-Islamic bias in the aftermath of the September 11, 2001.Naik's style of memorizing the Qur'an and Hadith literature in various languages and related missionary activity has made him extremely popular in Muslim and non-Muslim circles. Topics he speaks on include: "Islam and Modern Science", "Islam and Christianity", "Islam and secularism".




Quran & Modern Science - Conflict or Conciliation

English Audio by Dr Zakir Naik

Part I

5 Parts Duration:   2:30 Hours 


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