Revelation of Mystery (Kashf al Mahjub)


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Chapter XXV (i)



You must know that dancing has no foundation either in the Shariat (religious law) or in the Sufism; because all sensible men agree that it is an amusement and play even when it is done in earnest. None of the Sheikhs has commended it, nor have exceeded due bounds therein. The arguments cited in its favor by anthropomorphist are all false. Since ecstatic movements and the practices of those who endeavor to induce ecstasy resemble it, therefore, some frivolous imitators have indulged in it immoderately and considered it as if it was the part of the practices of Sufism and similarly another group because of this has condemned it altogether.

In short, dancing or all foot-play is bad in law and reason and is an act of ignorant. The best of mankind cannot possibly practice it. However, when the heart throbs with exhilaration and rapture becomes intense and the agitation of ecstasy is manifested and the limitations of the conventional forms are gone, that agitation is neither dancing nor foot play nor bodily indulgence, but a dissolution of the soul. Those who call it dancing are utterly wrong. Similarly he is also far away from the reality who cannot distinguish between the states which are attained by his own will and effort and that which descends on him from the Truth.  It is a state that cannot be explained in words, من لم يذق لا يدري what can he tells who has not tasted.


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