The Message (An Early History of Islam)

An Islamic English Movie

The film follows Muhammad (peace be upon him) first years as a prophet starting with Islam's beginnings in Mecca in which the Muslims are persecuted, the exodus to Medina, and ending with the Muslims' triumphant return to Mecca. A number of crucial events, such as the Battle of Badr and Battle of Uhud are depicted, and the majority of the story is told from the point-of-view of peripheral individuals such as Hamza ibn ĎAbd al-Muttalib (Muhammad's uncle), Abu Sufyan (the leader of Mecca) and his wife Hind bint Utbah (enemies of Islam who later become Muslims themselves).


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The Message

The Early History of Islam and the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)

An Islamic English Movie

Movie Duration: 3 Hours



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