King David (Prophet)

Hadrat Dawud حضرت داؤد English  (Movie)

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The Story of King David

(Hadrat Dawud حضرت داؤد)

Complete Movie: 2:55 Hours


David (Dawud) is a highly important figure in Islam as one of the Major Prophets sent by God to guide the nation of Israel. David is mentioned several times in the Quran, often with his son Solomon. As mentioned in the Quran David kills Goliath (2: 251) and God grants him kingship and wisdom. David is made God's "vicegerent on earth" (38:26) and God further gives David sound judgment as well as the Psalms, which are regarded as books of divine wisdom. Quran  commentators, historians and compilers of the numerous Stories of the Prophets elaborate upon David's concise Qur'anic narratives and specifically mention David's gift in singing his Psalms as well as his beautiful musical and vocal talents. His voice is described as having had a captivating power, weaving its influence not only over men but over all beasts and nature, which would unite with him to praise God.

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