Sout al Quran صوت القرآن

(The Voice of Quran) Online Video

Sout ul Quran is the explanation of Quran presented by Brother Shujauddin Shaikh during Taravih Prayer in Quran Academy Karachi. This program is one of the hundreds of dora e tarjuma e Quran programs held throughout Pakistan in Ramzan every year by Tanzeem e Islami.

Urdu Bayan by Shujauddin Sheikh


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Tafsir (Exegesis) of Noble Quran (Urdu اردو Bayan )  شجاع الدين شيخ

Surah Al Kahf (الکہف)

1 Ayah 1-22

2 Ayah 23-59

3 Ayah 60-110

Video Duration:   2:13 Hours


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Zahid Javed Rana, Abid Javed Rana

Lahore, Pakistan


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